Sharing Simplest WinForms Timer App

A while ago when I worked on a complex ASP.NET app I created the simplest performance timer that operates on just mouse clicks: left-click to start/stop and right-click to reset to zero. Today I had to use it myself and share it with a colleague. After I saw my colleague’s reaction to this app I decided to publish it more broadly. You can get it here if you want to try it. There are similar apps out there, but I really wanted something that was super simple and absolutely minimalistic. I think I got the size and click target area just right.

This timer app becomes particularly useful when Excel, Excel Services, PowerPivot or Power View based reports seem to take forever to refresh. Also known as the effect of “watching a pot boil”. It can help prove to the business user that the “eternity” lasted for only 20-30 sec.

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2 Responses to Sharing Simplest WinForms Timer App

  1. Marsel says:

    Hello, XLGeek
    When trying download the site with Net 4.0 file I am geeting server error message. Can you please send the file by email?

    • XLGeek says:

      Will do. Can you provide details of the error message and what version of the app would you like me to send you? If you are on Win 7 .Net3.5 will work just fine. You can also use Silverlight version right in the browser.

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