XLStyles Tool updated for Windows 8.1 is in the App Store

I submitted Windows 8.1 update (Release 3) to the App store on Friday afternoon and received notification at 11PM PST on Sunday that it is published. Windows 8.1 version of the executable is to differentiate it from Windows 8 version Variable grid control behavior was the only thing that really had to be updated. I didn’t have any time to add new features or code around deprecated in Windows 8.1 runtime features.

Windows 8.1 feels like a really solid product: noticeably faster, takes up less space on the hard drive, desktop experience is back as the primary environment with modern UI now blending in. I set the same background for both the Start screen and the desktop. Now it feels like there is no split personality effect any more (well, at least the human perception part is taken care of). I really like new support for multiple resizable windows in the modern UI part of the “split personality”. VS2013 is another excellent product that came out. Just try Alt+F12 for code peek and you will be hooked. No more losing where you were when jumping around solution. These things make huge difference. .Net4.5.1 cold assembly startup is noticeably faster too. I updated my USB drive with “Windows 8.1 To Go”. App store is no longer blocked (that was really annoying in “Windows 8 To Go”). Overall this OS upgrade is a huge step forward. Perfect timing too since XP is coming to the end of its life support.

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3 Responses to XLStyles Tool updated for Windows 8.1 is in the App Store

  1. I seem to be unable to download the W8+ app in Norway. Is there a country restriction? Could you lift it?

    • XLGeek says:

      There are no restrictions for any markets. Have you tried contacting the app store? It is frustrating, but it is the only option I can think of. I don’t have any issues even with Win 10 tech preview.

    • XLGeek says:

      After going back and forth with the app store support people again (this time as a follow up to your comment specifically targeting Norway) they finally came back to me after almost 10 days and said that they had an issue with upgraded to Win 8.1 apps. Even though I submitted all app packages (Win 8 and 8.1) for all markets, when they expanded the app store to more markets they didn’t have automatic process to pick it up. Basically the list of countries behind “Rest of the World” checkbox got smaller. Long story short: it is past midnight on Thanksgiving day in the US and I just submitted the app per the inputs I got from the support reps at 5PM today. Considering it is Thanksgiving this updated release may take a bit longer than standard 3-5 days to get to the store. Sorry about this inconvenience. I guess everyone is still learning how this whole app store paradigm is supposed to work. Thank you very much for bringing this up. If I don’t hear about the issues (especially in non-US English markets/environments) I can’t fix them.

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