Telemetry: crashes coming from Korean market seem to be caused by Wowsoft products

Users of Wowsoft products, particularly their application called PrintChaser should read this post.

Recently I noticed error messages in the telemetry that come mostly from Korea that look like this:


Fortunately druver64.dll is not a malware according to this report. Other reports state that it is signed with valid certificate. If you can, you should try to remove it from your system. If you run apps from this software vendor, experienced crashes and were able to uninstall it, please let everyone know if this solved the crash or hang problems. I need a confirmation. There are lots of users in the Korean market and some may end up in a similar situation. They for sure would appreciate this confirmation.

The app store app distribution has huge benefits. Free telemetry is one of them: I can see crashes, hangs and out of memory errors. The number of errors relative to the number of user sessions is very small. The tools are mature and over the years I was able to take care of what I saw in the stack traces as well as address cases that users were willing to share with me directly.  The rest of the errors that I saw in the recent app health telemetry are “Unknown” and come without stack traces. This usually means user PC settings are preventing the details to be sent out to the app store or the crash was caused by an unrelated to the app process (i.e., it is not the app’s fault).  I can’t take any corrective actions because I have no idea of what is happening. Tight lock down of the user PC in and by itself could be the reason for the crash or a hang of any Windows apps that need to access local or network files.  An overly restrictive policy may block an attempt to access a file (or sometimes even an attempt to navigate to a network location of the file) causing 3rd party apps to crash. Anyone who experienced a recent crash which most likely will come to me labeled as “Unknown” is welcome to share the details.  I will try to address what I can.

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