ImageShrinker updated in response to OneDrive restrictions

I received an e-mail notifying me that my OneDrive quota got reduced. I use OneDrive to securely distribute non-Microsoft store apps from this blog. It was time to do two things: 1) Complain to get the storage back. It is pretty lame to give and take it back especially when cloud storage is so cheap. 2) Dust off good old ImageShrinker and reduce size of my cloud stored pictures. I updated it in the process:

  1. Added higher resolution width option of 2048 (previously 1024)
  2. Added image folder drag and drop. No need to select the folder using file picker dialog, just drag and drop folder from file explorer
  3. Added tool tip to “Get Path” button to make it more obvious that there is drag and drop option in the updated app
  4. Improved error handling
  5. Improved dpi settings to get better compression

If you ended up in the same situation with OneDrive as me and have a lot of images there, you can shrink them without noticeable loss of quality using my app. I got on average 75% reduction in file sizes. Now I’ll be waiting for Microsoft to wake up and get loyal OneDrive users storage back.

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