Bulk Excel Files Named Range Editor

I am releasing Bulk Named Range Editor Tool. Bulk ODC Editor and External Links Editor tools were very well received and lead to an ask to create bulk named range editor. This new tool is particularly useful for moving files with hyperlinks that reference some static resources, changing parameters (e.g., monthly report suite roll) in workbooks used in client, Excel Services and Office 365 apps (<-hyperlinks adjustment in the files used in Excel Web Access web part was the main reason for creating this utility).

How to use Bulk Named Range Editor:
1. Launch utility and drag and drop the files you need to bulk edit onto the grid area.
2. Click on the file that contains named range that you need to update and hit refresh button in the top right corner. The file will be scanned for all single cell named ranges that can be changed and placed in the drop down list.
3. Select named range that you need to edit in the “Name:” drop down list.
4. Type in new value in the “To:” box.
5. Click “Process File(s)” button.

You can sort the results in the grid by clicking on the column header. If named range update failed for any reason you will see that reason and will be able to follow up. Because it is Open XML based algorithm processing time will be very short.

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