Releasing browser based ImageShrinker (Silverlight 4 version)

Here it is: SL4 ImageShrinker
Yes, I’m still on silverlight club’s site. My Office 365 account expired before I even got a chance to fully try it out (Office 365 does support Silverlight application hosting).

This is in browser delivered 100% client side processing application. It is shame that Silverlight may not get the spotlight that it deserves at the Build Conference that will take place in less than two weeks. Think about the impact on the developer: the shift to the cloud means traffic which means more data is transferred across the wire and server side processing eats up compute time. Silverlight provides the benefit of delivering latest content and functionality to the end user without consuming unnecessary server side resources. This is great news for the developer that pays for both: data transfer and compute time, but not so much for the cloud services providers (could this be the reason?). On the bright side: Silverlight5 RC is on track, is awesome and is out.

How I decided to build this app:
My whole family uses and loves WinForms image shrinker (available for download in this blog). However, my sister constantly sends me 3-10MB+ photos in e-mail. Yes, she doesn’t use SkyDrive, Google+ or Facebook and she has very good camera. Her argument: oh it is just one or two files and I don’t want to run the shrinker on all my pictures. Well, SL4 ImageShrinker gives her the option to get that one picture down to manageable size with just two clicks. I expect (hope?) that attachment size will go down about 10 times (3MB files go below 300K at 1024 pixel width keeping 96dpi).

P.S. I love long weekends. There is no better time to actually accomplish something that you were envisioning in your head for a long time. Happy Labor Day. Can’t believe summer is almost over.

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