MS Switch to OneDrive from SkyDrive Caused Download Disruptions

If you tried to download any of my apps in the last couple of days you may have received an error message for some older links that the service was temporarily unavailable. This happened because Microsoft was in the middle of converting SkyDrive to OneDrive

I really appreciate the comments made by Ken and James that alerted me. I immediately went in and fixed all broken links. Please report broken links or any other issues when you see them. I always keep an eye on the comments. All apps here are free. I put my time in to make sure they work well. They solve pretty serious problems for thousands of people. Please contribute by commenting and reporting issues when you see them.

Also, stay away from the download links from other sites. My tools gained a lot of popularity, name recognition and credibility. If you are not getting your download link from this site there is no guarantee that you are getting my unaltered code. Do not take that chance. You have been warned.

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