Windows store app shows: “End of Central Directory record could not be found”

I’ve seen a couple of crashes captured in the windows app store telemetry over past couple years. No one has reported exact repro steps or provided even a slightest hint in the comments yet that may point to the root cause, so I decided to simulate the crash myself.  I didn’t succeed, but I did find out that in Windows 10 encrypted files (i.e., files saved with password to open) result in a message that doesn’t explicitly say that the file is encrypted.  In the WinForms app the message was “file contains corrupted data” and it was well documented on this site and the ReadMe file. If you see the message above in the app store app, remove the file password before running the file scan in the app.

If someone can get me crash repro steps I would very much appreciate it.  I want to know if this is the app, OS or something in the users files that is causing it.

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