XLStylesTool on Windows Azure Updated with Pin To Taskbar Icon

Silverlight 5 XLStylesTool hosted on Windows Azure on a dedicated page got used more frequently than the original browser version of the application placed on the advertisement powered web site. New feature request came in after being on Windows Azure for only one week. The request was to facilitate frequent application use by creating a desktop shortcut. That is not easy to do from my (developer) side without providing installation package which I’m trying to avoid in the first place by using a web browser for app delivery. However, pinning the site to the Windows taskbar is natively supported by the Internet Explorer version 9 and later.

I added very descriptive in my opinion iconXLStylesSL5Azure and a text tip on the page to make Windows taskbar pinning option obvious, easy and intuitive. I want to thank all blog readers and app users again for their positive feedback and input. It is very inspiring. This particular feature request for browser hosted application makes a lot of sense and hopefully will benefit the users that use the app daily. Another benefit of setting up a taskbar shortcut: many people shrink browser window to fit it to the size of the app, so that they can take advantage of the file drag and drop feature. The taskbar shortcut will retain custom browser window size associated with the shortcut.

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3 Responses to XLStylesTool on Windows Azure Updated with Pin To Taskbar Icon

  1. John says:

    Hi,Sir, thanks so much for your great work. may I ask whether if you would release a version that can process *.xls files? thanks again!

    • XLGeek says:

      Hi John, I’ve covered xls files story in this post: converting old xls files to open xml file format. Since there are free xls to xlsx conversion options and with Office 15 and Windows 8 right around the corner it doesn’t make any sense for me to invest huge amount of time to support old school and much more complex legacy binary file formats. Were you able to use the browser based app with xlsx files? How was your experience?

  2. shamy says:

    hi this is really worth and thank you very much for your xlstyletool

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