Converting old *.xls files to Open XML file format

Several people asked me to support *.xls files in XLStylesTool. It is actually pretty difficult because the file format is binary and really is a step back. However, there is a way to bulk convert *.xls files to Open XML file format and clean them up using my Open XML based bulk cleaner or the XLStylesTool. SkyDrive or free Excel Viewer would allow any user to open the upgraded files if you don’t feel like saving cleaned up files back to *.xls. There is always Office Compatibility Pack as well.

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2 Responses to Converting old *.xls files to Open XML file format

  1. Hi Sergie,
    I had an issue with an xls file(Too many different cell formats).I am not able to open the file either in excel2003 or excel 2007.When opened I receive error excel found unreadable content do you want to recover the file.If I press Yes then all the cell formats are lost.I tried the XLStylesTool but to no use as it is an xls file.Please help.Formats for this sheet is very much important.Please help.

    • XLGeek says:

      Unfortunately it sounds like your file is in the small percentage of unrecoverable files. Do you have more details? What exactly was removed from the file?

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